Awareness HealingAn Experience of Awareness Healing

Awakening Light Center and Marilyn King, Ph.D. Present:

An Experience Of Awareness Healing
with Greg Booi

San Francisco
Price: By Donation

Hello everyone,

I want to invite you once again to a very special afternoon with my friend and colleague Greg Booi. Many of you know Greg already, as a facilitator of very deep healing work. He has clients all over the world, and now he is presenting group events focusing on healing as a process of awareness.

We invite you to bring your states of tension, pain, longing, frustration—all the effects of chronic stress and the uncertainty of the times—and also to bring your intention to heal and release these areas into a place of greater peace and balance.

This work is appropriate for people with chronic, complex, or recurring conditions who are interested in pursuing deeper energetic-spiritual healing work, and for people wishing to pursue significant personal growth. It is, of course, not intended to be a substitute for medical care.

The afternoon will be an experience of the process, not a lecture. We invite you to wear comfortable, warm clothes and to bring a pillow or back support if you need it. There will be pillows and some blankets here also.

The experience starts with creating a field of safety around the body, mind, heart and spirit, then inviting tension to relax and release into a place of integrity and unity. Greg works with the effortful experiences that make up the subtle tensions, to bring the experiences into a synchronized state of wholeness and completeness, where they can release their efforts in a balanced, gentle way.

The details of the event are given in the flyer. Feel free to contact me with any questions, and please feel free to invite anyone who may resonate to this work.

This process also works across distance. If there is a person who cannot attend but would agree for you to be proxy for them, ask us about this in advance. This must be set up ahead of time.

I hope you can come.

Warm wishes,

Awareness Healing(sm) is a deep, gentle, energetic-spiritual approach to healing which works effortlessly by offering and inviting a simple shift in awareness.

In a field of safety surrounding your body, heart, mind and spirit, your highest healing intention can then manifest in a space of Unity.

We invite you to an afternoon group healing session with Greg Booi to experience this gentle, powerful process.

1:30-2 p.m. Registration
2-4 p.m. Awareness Healing Session: We invite you to bring a clear intention for your desired direction of healing. In this relaxing, guided meditation experience, you can unwind your tensions and return to a state of balance.
4-5 p.m. Questions/Refreshments

Greg Booi, Founder of Awareness Healing Associates (AHA), is a facilitator of very deep healing who has worked with individuals around the globe. He is a certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner and is a student of tai chi and chi kung.

Marilyn King, Ph.D., Founder of Awakening Light Center, is a psychologist in private practice in San Francisco who facilitates Soul Journeys with individuals and groups across the US and in England.

Individual Awareness Healing Sessions are available. Please email Marilyn to schedule a session, and for directions to this event.



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